The Nature Of The Cat

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It is not in their nature. The nature of the cat is primarily a nocturnal carnivore, the bird however is primarily prey, and tends to stay away from any potential predators. Humans have a specific nature as well, but just as if not all cats may like playing with yarn, not all humans might find the act of reading pleasing. There is another kind of pleasure worth talking about as well: Guilty pleasure. Everyone finds something pleasing that is not accepted by society. Shame is not a virtue, but it is worth mentioning because it can produce happiness in certain regards. However, the problem with shameful pleasures is not only that others look down on it, shameful pleasures in themselves are not that pleasant, when compared to other pleasures. Aristotle maintains, in Book X, contemplation is still the greatest form of happiness; we want pleasure for happiness, as said previously. Why is pleasure not the greatest good in life? Plato says that pleasure cannot be the greatest good since we have a range of pleasures, some more valuable to us than others and some that we would not want others to find out we think are pleasurable. Plato argues that intelligence adds to the pleasure, making pleasure more desirable with intelligence present. Having this range in values indicates that pleasure cannot be the one single good that measures everything else; pleasure is measured by other characteristics and virtues. In other words, the people living a life of pleasure for pleasure 's sake
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