The Cat By Alistair Macleod Analysis

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Love is a feeling that affects human’s actions. Lots of people are willing to sacrifice everything to find love. Romeo And Juliet, they committed suicide because they thought their loved ones were dead. And in the short story, THE BOAT, by Alistair Macleod, the narrator loved his parents. He tried to do both things his mother and father wanted him to do. This feeling caused troubles in his life. I felt relatable with the author, because I also had been trying to achieve what my grandfather and father wanted. The narrator’s family has a tradition of fishing. The mother in the story loves this tradition, but she never got to work on the boat. She always imagined it to be an honor to fish and continue the tradition. She disapproved reading …show more content…

Therefore they tried to make their children work instead of being educated. Secondly, the father in the story had been fishing for years, and he was trapped in this tradition. He had been living a miserable life because all he wanted to do was to be educated. This is shown by how his room was full of books and he spent most of his free time reading there. The father could not go and study because the mother always had an expectation that the father would fish and earn money for the family. However, since the father did not like the life of fishing, he also did not want his children to be trapped in this tradition. He allowed his children to read the books. Also he told the narrator to go back to school when he dropped out and helped fishing. He said, ”and if you are satisfied, I am not, it is best for you to go back”(188). It shows that the son going to school can satisfy the emptiness of the father. He even killed himself so the son will get away from fishing and go study, as they had promised before. The narrator loved his father. He cannot abandon his dream. Therefore he was working at a place he didn't like. The father reminds me of my own father. He had been working in the watch company for years, but he actually wanted to be an accountant. He took accounting in high school when he was younger. Since then his dream had been to become an accountant. However, my grandfather

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