The, Nature Or Nurture? Essay

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Essay Draft: Phase Four For many years scientists have had this question, “Nature or Nurture?” It is an unsolved argument but there have been many studies and new information that explain just how and why each of these are important in personality development. After researching about this topic it is clear that when it comes to personality development, new studies have proven that while Nature does have some affect on one’s disposition, Nurture by far has a greater effect on the development of one’s personality. While many believe that personality is already developed before birth, this statement is proven to be false. “Experience untimely rewrites 90 percent of a child’s personality traits, leaving an adult with only one tenth of his inborn temperament” (Peyser and Underwood par. 14). Environment is very important to personality development. Humans love to observe and learn from others, usually someone superior that is admirable and a good example to look up to. Many kids follow their parent’s behavior and become somewhat alike to their mom or dad. Friends also play a big role when it comes to personality development and finding out who They really are or who they would like to become. In fact, friends play one of the most extreme roles because kids want to be like their friends. Children want to fit in with their peers, they do this by repeating the same phrases, wearing the same styles, and listening to the same music. People love the sense of belonging, especially in

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