The Nature vs. the Society in The Scarlett Letter

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The Nature vs. the Society
On "The Scarlet Letter” theme, different scholars have a very different understanding of the conflict inside. Among the many comments, the most intriguing was undoubtedly the American critic professor Nina Baym’s view that “The Scarlet Letter” is a natural and social person depicted bifurcation novel. Nina Baym noted: ““The market “appears in this scene between the individual and society of individuals originally appeared consistent with an imagined differences, a fissure." [ 1 ] In fact, the whole novel, more or less reflects the contradictory nature of the individual between the individual and society. This conflict try to reach some kind of agreement within human nature during the development of the book, but finally ended in a blending state. The major conflict was presented by two different representative from the nature and society. Hester and her daughter Pearl represent on behalf of the nature, while Chillingworth and Dimondale despite their love rivalry represent the interests of a community which is the society.
The Nature’s interpretation
In Hester’s view, the pursuit of love, which is a very personal thing that has nothing to do with the social, moral and religion. Although she formally accepted the punishment that wearing a red “a “word on her chest, but within her ideology, “she did not accept the punishment of those social ethics “[ 2 ] .This punishment not only doesn’t bother her, but also become “The pass that guide her to the

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