The Nazis in Our House

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When we let the Nazis in, they were actually pretty kind to us, despite the fact that they were Nazis. They began to rummage and search through the house for any Jews that were in hiding. When they finished searching the house, they pulled my parents aside and whispered something to them and left. I was curious about what they said, but when I asked my parents they said it was nothing, which only spike my curiosity because you could see it in their faces. It was not nothing. At night I could hear war raging on outside, and as I looked outside my window I could see the ghetto where the Nazis were keeping the Jews, and my family. Sometimes I had wished I could just run over there and live with my parents, they were safe and all together in the ghettos, and I missed them. Despite what my heart wanted, I stayed where I was, knowing that there was a purpose to all this, and I began to understand it the next couple of days. The next morning I saw trucks full of Nazi soldiers driving to the ghettos, fearful, I watched as they began to grab Jews and load them into the trucks. They started with the men then the women and children. I began searching for my parents in the crowd, hoping that somehow they had gotten away, but I knew that there was no way they did so I looked away, not wanting to see them. I knew if I saw them I would feel guilty of not being there with them, while they had to suffer through it all and I was living here peacefully. So I went downstairs for

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