The Necessity Of Cell Phone

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“Cell phones”, when many people hear these words, they think of a talking device, right? Well, they’re right to a certain degree, however, a cell phone is so much more than just that and they don’t even realize it. Instead of thinking of a phone as a type of device, people everywhere should realize what it really is, a necessity. A necessity is something that people have to have in an everyday life. In today’s society, cell phones are used every single day, all around the world. They have became a very important aspect in lives, and to make it throughout each day, citizens have to have a cell phone. Phones are used for school, work, money, safety, and so much more. Cell phones make things quick and they’re convenient. A cell phone is definitely a “have to have” in life today. They are used for essentially everything. It’s remarkably more than just a phone, it’s a protection, communication, and an entertainment device all in one. The world is a scary place, for both a tennager and a parent. For a parent, never knowing when an accident might happen or where their child is at causes a lot of stress, and for a young teenager just being alone is intimidating enough. How are people supposed to stay safe? Having a cell phone fixes those problems and fears. People don’t have to be worried or scared because, with a phone there is always protection. There is access to 911, even in places that there is no service. Also, not knowing directions can be very stressful a young teenager and

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