The Necessity of Evil and the Applications of Good in Response

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The Necessity of Evil and the Applications of Good in Response By Trystan Heck Throughout the history of the human race, many people have risen up above the rest to acquire a place in history; either from actions that bring cheers to the mouths of men or whispers of dread and fear instead. Those who deal with the side allying itself with the underworld of society strike, steal, and injure people when it suits them; only stopping when the forces of good rally to fight against them. Infamy is a cause for concern among the innocent and fearful, but without such people in the world, humanity would not have any examples of what is considered wrong, and how to fix and prevent such illustrations evil from happening ever again. Evil has brought…show more content…
It stated: “The human dignity of all individuals must be respected at all times. Everything possible must be done, without any kind of discrimination, to reduce the suffering of people who have been out of action by sickness wounds or captivity whether or not they have taken part in the conflict” (Geneva Convention 1). The second protocol of the Geneva Convention basically aimed to give a chance to the civilians in the area and made the guidelines for the minimum requirement of care known by all. The third Geneva Convention put in place stated that prisoners of war be taken care of and not forced to answer any question given to them if they are not acknowledged by the rules set in place by the treaty (Geneva Convention). The fourth Geneva Convention asserted that civilians should be protected and not involved in the fighting unless said civilian is already part of the conflict. Mary Bell started herself on the road of most criminals when she pushed a toddler off of a roof, causing severe injuries (Mary Bell Must Not Disappear). The adults did punish her when she did this, but not as much as they would have if they knew what she was going to grow into in the coming years. Mary was a manipulative child who thrived when she hurt other children. She injured many of the kids near her home, getting away with several murders on the basis that she was just a child. When she did get caught, she was placed in prison, but her identity
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