The Necklace Short Story

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How one reacts to the truth tells displays a great deal about the person. Do they fight the truth? Do they hide from it? Or do they accept the truth and do the best they can with their situation? The quote “We don't get to choose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it.” from Kami Garcia states that when presented with a challenge or an inconvenient truth, one cannot change the circumstances given, but they do have a choice in how they react to it. In addition, no one way of handling truth is right or wrong and everyone will react differently to a situation. Nevertheless, there are still better and worse ways of handling it. A example of someone poorly handing the truth can be found within the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. In the story, Mme. Loisel, a main character, refuses to accept that she is not a wealthy and affluent woman, this causes her to be pessimistic about her life and consistently causes her to live within a reality she has fabricated for herself, shown by the quote “She imagined silent antechambers, heavy with Oriental tapestries, lit by torches in lofty bronze sockets, with two tall footmen in knee-breeches sleeping in large arm-chairs, overcome by the heavy warmth of the stove.” Later in the story Monsieur Loisel receives an invitation to a gala hosted by his superior. This causes Mme. Loisel great anguish as she does not have a dress to wear to the gala. Monsieur. Loisel reluctantly gives her four-hundred francs in
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