The Necklace Short Story

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Living in a dream The short story The Necklace was written by a French writer named Guy de Maupassant. This story takes place in the late 1880s in France. In this time, there wasn’t any such thing as middle class, only the rich and the poor. The women married young and mated with whomever that appeared to be in their social class and stayed at home while the men worked and provide. The necklace was a symbolism of something that was considered priceless and caused this family to sacrifice their own dreams and goals to portray a false hope to others and themselves. I chose this particular passage because it reminds me a lot of myself. As a married woman, I know how we can easily manipulate men to get what we want. Many people today,…show more content…
She hurried away because she was embarrassed that she didn’t have an expensive fur like the other women as if everything else he did for her wasn’t enough. This passage represents two different themes to me. One theme was greed and how it could make a person become so selfish and want to manipulate the ones that love them just so they can get ahead in life. Mathilde Loisel manipulated her husband just so she could enjoy this one night and didn’t care how much of a bind it would put him in. Her husband gets an invite to this party to cheer her up and she just had to have the best dress and the best jewels just to fake and portray her wealth because she felt like they weren’t good enough. The second theme to me was perception. Like the saying says, “perception is the key”, She was obsessed with looking the part and not being considered un wealthy to the patrons at the party. All she wants to do is escape from her normality and knows what it felt to be wealthy just for the night. She hated her life and dreamed for it to be more glamorous. Both of these themes were significant to the story as a whole because greed was the reason she becomes very poor and was the cause of her downfall. Her wanting to give off a certain perception of wealth to people she was never going to cross paths with

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