The Need For Classification Of Nursing Data

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The Need for Classification of Nursing Data in EHRs In the healthcare industry, nursing is underrepresented in the development of healthcare policies. Current nursing practice depends on the use of standardized nursing terminology and documentation to accurately communicate and identify nursing diagnoses, nursing care provided, and interventions that were performed within healthcare disciplines process (Mennella & Caple, 2016). The essential solution to making nursing more visible is having necessary data to adequately measure the direct effects and retrieve associated nursing care costs to attach nursing care services with each patient. Minimum data sets for nursing are vital classification systems necessary to categorize the practice of …show more content…
Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS) The NMDS was the first attempt to standardize the collection of vital nursing information. The NMDS involves descriptions and classifications that allow assessments of nursing effectiveness, costs, and patient outcomes of nursing interventions. The classification system incorporates patient demographics (personal identification, age, sex), nursing fundamentals (nursing diagnoses, interventions, outcomes, intensity), and service components (facility/provider, nurse, date of encounter or admission, discharge/disposition, expected source of payment). The goal of the NMDS is to design a consistent database that will collect and store nursing data gathered across various populations, settings, geographic locations, and time frames (Mennella & Caple, 2016). The NMDS consists of fundamental essentials categorized into three categories: patient demographics, nursing care components, and service elements. The objective is to make sure these nursing data essentials are integrated within healthcare information systems. The presence of these components ensures necessary data exists in the system, allowing for accurate evaluation and use of nursing care and resources. These NMDS fundamental components ensure documentation of nursing care, accurate patient care management, cost determination, assessment of nursing care,
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