The Need For Classification Of Nursing Data

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The Need for Classification of Nursing Data in EHRs In the healthcare industry, nursing is underrepresented in the development of healthcare policies. Current nursing practice depends on the use of standardized nursing terminology and documentation to accurately communicate and identify nursing diagnoses, nursing care provided, and interventions that were performed within healthcare disciplines process (Mennella & Caple, 2016). The essential solution to making nursing more visible is having necessary data to adequately measure the direct effects and retrieve associated nursing care costs to attach nursing care services with each patient. Minimum data sets for nursing are vital classification systems necessary to categorize the practice of nursing, and they allow consistent collection of essential nursing data that provide accurate descriptions of the complete nursing process (Dolezel & Moczygemba, 2015). The primary goal for the development of nursing minimum data sets involve the establishment of comparability nursing data among various populations, settings, and periods of time. Nursing minimum data sets allow trends of nursing care and resources to be followed, motivate nursing research, gather data to encourage policies in nursing and healthcare, and determine nursing practice as a recognizable and comprehensible record of care. Classification of nursing data in electronic health records (EHRs) is essential for the support of financing, nursing education,
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