The Negative Effects Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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The Negative Effects of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Eyrekr Gunter
Professor Bessie DiDomenica, Ph.D. College Writing 2


Cosmetic surgery is now one branch of what people call plastic surgery was founded in Greece but instead of calling it plastic surgery in their form of language it was called “Plastikos” meaning to shape or mold. Plastic surgery can also be traced even back to India hundreds of years. They call themselves Brick Masters. Elective plastic surgery is a surgery you have chosen to have yourself. It does not require any medical issues, injuries, or necessities. (Heisler, 2011). Most people who smoke have a higher chance of suffering complications during and after …show more content…

It can have an impact on people 's daily life or their health. However getting facial or body surgery it can indicate different health issues.
Surgery is something that people shouldn’t take lightly. Because there can so many complication before or after surgery. However people who consults with a doctor before and after most likely ends up with better experiences. People fail to realize that if they are not comfortable with themselves on the inside then spending all this money won’t mount up to nothing in the end

because they will end up just like they started low self-esteem miserable and feeling alone. Once people especially women start to look like how they look straight to elective cosmetic surgery hoping this will help them with the way they feel around. The risks of elective plastic surgery scientifically outweigh the benefits.
Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement, which is also called breast augmentation, is another procedure millions of women around the world decide to pay thousands of dollars for. In the years of 1007,100,000 women in the United State went for the breast enlargement surgery. By the year of 2005 the number had rapidly increased to a total of 365,000, which was a 260 percent, which was an increase despite the number of imperfect breast implants (Perry 2007).
This procedure that was made for women’s breast wasn’t the best because of the rules that were attached with the silicone breast

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