The Negative Effects Of Factory Farming

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Many people nowadays believe that factory farming is the best way to raise beef and pork for people to buy meat from. However there are many downsides to factory farming that we could avoid by just simply using conventional farming. For instance there are concerns with factory farming that the animals produced from them are just not as high quality as those from other farms. Factory faming also has a negative affect on the smaller family owned farms since they just simply can not keep up with the pace that the factory farms produce at. One of the biggest concerns with factory farming is that the animals raised on a factory farm are abused their whole life from birth to death. The only solution to this problem is to turn to smaller family owned farms as a the main source for animals. When it comes to factory farming they raise their beef in a very different way then what a local farmer would. Cows from a factory farm will not receive the proper nutrients that a cow from another farm would receive. This is because in a factory farm the cows get injected with antibiotics. In the article Effects of Factory Farming on Human Health it states that “Animals on factory farms are routinely treated with antibiotics, because they may otherwise become ill or die living in the cramped, dirty conditions of intensive farms.” This is something that people would not have to worry about if factory farming did not exist and the only beef came from locally grown grass fed beef. Antibiotics is

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