The Negative Effects Of Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation

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Here is a question I’m sure you have heard a lot, “Have you gotten the new iPhone?”. It seems like people are always talking about the newest product and it makes its way into our everyday conversation. Most people love technology and the gadgets that come with it but not everyone. The great debate on whether technology and social media can be unhealthy to our minds is still going on today. Especially since there are so many variables in play, it makes the answer not clear-cut and the difference between beneficial and damaging can seem burled when you try and pick a side. The big main focus with technology now is how it is affecting the teens and younger kids. Two articles I’ve read recently had given a good argument on both sides of the spectrum about the topic. The first article is written by Twenge and a more of an opposing view on the impact of technology and the second one is written by Gopnik with a more forward-looking take on the subject. My feelings on the issue are mixed. I do find Twenge’s research on how screen time is linked to unhappiness and depression to be persuasive but I do support Gopnik’s opinion that the actual negative effects on teens are over exaggerated and unclear.
In her article, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, Twenge argues how technology has affected the teens today, since they are going out less and becoming adults later in life, but also unhappiness is linked to how much how much screen time you use and how depression and

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