The Negative Effects OfHave Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

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In this new era, in which we are surrounded by technology, it is practically impossible to avoid utilizing it. Technology is now accessible to all ages and it is utilized for everything. Yet, everything has a consequence and technology is not an exception. With this new generation, we are commencing to grasp just how negative of a toll technology is taking on adults and now the youth as well. Teenagers and children everywhere are now obtaining cellphones at a much younger age than before. This trend has enabled everyone to socialize virtually far more than ever before, but it is taking a toll on face-to-face interaction, which could be irreversible. Therefore, the research gathered will catalogue the effects of social media as well as technology tools on face to face everyday interaction. More and more technology is taking a toll on the way we interact. Newer generations are feeling the effects significantly sooner than previous generations. “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?,” by Dr. Jean M. Twenge, she argues how technology is having serious negative effects on this new generation (Twenge ). Dr. Twenge studied a young girl to observe the effects of cell phones in her daily life. Children in this new generation are continuously obtaining cell phones at younger ages, and phones are typically the introductory gateway to technology for many of them. Yet, for the older generations, technology was introduced at an older age, which could have prevented the effects from

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