The Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Introduction In modern times, there has been increase in the usage of social media in communication. The platform such as Twitter and Facebook has been employed in marketing, where marketers target the users of the social media. Through the social media, individuals have been in a position to reach a high number of friends and family members. Thesis statement: Social media is doing more harm than good in the society, hence the need for regulation. Discussion There has been a positive issue that has been associated with the use of the social media in the society. It has led to increased connection of friends and family members. As a result of this they are able to share information, comfort one another and assist one another based on the information they present in the online platform such as the Twitter and the Facebook. At the same time, organizations have been in a position to promote the usage of their products to consumers in the market. As a result of marketing their products in such platforms, they are in a position to reach a high number of customers and increase the distribution of their products in the market. More over the social media has become a major tool of positively campaigning for human rights and discrimination. Viral messages on issues such as discrimination or abuse are shared on social media, resulting in corrective action being taken by the respective institutions. In spite of the above limited benefits of the social media, it is evident that these

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