The Negative Importance Of Eugenics As A Science

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Eugenics is a science that Francis Galton developed that holds an extensive amount of negative connotations now and should continue to do so as long as life thrives on Earth. As people who want to develop this science are usually those who believe that there are people who are born superior and that there are people who are born inferior; that there are traits that you cannot change no matter what. This type of belief has been backed up with Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and with Galton’s own ideas of hard heredity, and even lead to the advancement of eugenic policies -- like sterilization laws. And even though eugenics did lose credibility because of Nazis, it is still shown nowadays, such as in prison.

There were two main biological beliefs that were taken to support eugenics -- natural selection and hard heredity. Natural selection was Darwin's theory that stated that over time the weak will gradually depreciate, leaving only the strong. However, with eugenics being discussed, people were creating policies that would make natural selection proceed at a much faster rate. And so it got into people’s mind that if you're strong, it's alright to eradicate the weak forcefully because it was going to happen anyway. Hard heredity, which was produced by Galton, however, was the idea that the mental, moral, and physical qualities of a person are taken from your parents. And that even if one of your parents take it upon themselves to improve themselves, the

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