Examples Of Government Intervention

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In today’s world, government intervention still divides the nation. We mainly witness this division during politics, with democrats and republicans. Government intervention increased immensely after the Great Depression. This is because of the fact that before the Great Depression, investors were freely using their money - buying and spending, without any regulations, leading to the stock market crash. During the recession process, in order to land the economy back to a stable path, presidents and other officials intervened to speed the process up. While some people believe that government intervention should not be allowed, others believe that government intervention is beneficial to the nation because it is able to put regulations among those who affect the economy. Government interventions have allowed many helpful programs for Americans such as welfare, trade programs, and tariff limitations. It also has placed a fairness on the economy, allowing an equivalence of prices for the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. Some different types of government intervention include subsidies, tax breaks, and inflation. During 1990-2002, government intervention became a giant part of the marketplace in the United States. An example of this is during Bill Clinton’s short-term presidency. Clinton enacted plans that helped increase the economy’s growth. Another example of this is during George W. Bush Jr’s presidency term. His main goal of helping the economy as well as the

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