The Negatives Of Social Media

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In this assignment I go through social media and how it affects children: mentally and physically, talking about the risks that come with social media and other social media platforms: such as Twitter and Facebook. The positive outcomes of social media and what can you do on social media itself: such as being able to share information with other people around the world. The negatives of social media, based on cyberbullying and privacy issues: mainly account hijacking and information leaks on social media. More in-depth into cyberbullying and how children and younger teenagers should report and tackle cyberbullying: reporting it to online services and to block whoever is the cyberbully. Then I move onto the importance of social media, mainly for businesses and how advertising on social media has advantages and then also has disadvantages: based around time investment and the large audience that surrounds social media and social media platforms. Then I finally move onto staying safe on social media and how some simple tips could help your social media life in the long run, avoiding cyberbullying or any crimes that might happen because of social media. Firstly O'Keeffe, G.S. and Clarke-Pearson, K., (2011) state that “Using social media becomes a risk to adolescents more often than most adults realize. Most risks fall into the following categories: peer-to-peer; inappropriate content; lack of understanding of online privacy issues; and outside influences of third-party

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