Technology and its Impact in the Teenage Population

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Social Media and the Future of Teenagers

It is no news that, the steady and overwhelming advancements in technology, have made our past and present lives so much easier, and have also filled our posterity with enduring hope and promises. However, the changes and innovations in social networking and social media, have immensely changed our modes and methods of communication. Keeping in mind that, every new level, has new devils and difficulties that needs to be conquered; Similarly, the idol, that is social media, worshipped by both teenagers and adolescents, poses a lot of problems which have been overlooked by parents and most individuals today. For this reason, it is very consequential that parents become cognizant of the nature of social media environments, for children and adolescents, to monitor for potential problems like cyberbullying, Facebook depression, gaming addictions, sexting, online harassment and inappropriate content.
Following the mind blowing innovations and inventions from fortune-five telecommunication companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC. One cannot over-emphasize the amount of information, text messages and stuff we wake up to, on our mobile phones and laptop. Gone are the days when free internet or Wi-Fi was a luxury, thanks to companies like Charter, Clear, AT&T and T-Mobile, because we can now all log onto the internet from the convenience of our living rooms and bathroom. Any website, with means of communication, that also allows

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