The New 62 By Michael Strand Essay

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The New 62 Michael Strand is a 62-year-old who has worked with children for 40 years as a coach, counselor, and mentor. Due to his business, he maintains strong ties to his community. He is also strongly driven and motivated by his wife and kids. While interviewing Michael, he didn’t shy away from sharing his personal stories and experiences that helped him become the person he is now. He was honest and became emotional when sharing his long time stressors that began in his early adolescence. In addition, the moment he described his obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and his triggers, it became noticeable throughout the interview the types of patterns he created. These patterns included cleaning and placement of drinks on a coffee table. However, he was humorous and insightful when he made jokes that revolved around the societal stereotype of an old man and his capabilities. The interview as a whole undertook different forms of emotions as Strand explained the consequences to his drug use in his adolescence, overdosing twice, and living on the streets from 15 to 17-years old. All of which made a big impact on him while growing out of adolescence up to his early 30s. Although his life began troubled, his quality of life seemed to have improved as he entered his adulthood to late adulthood years. Biological Forces To begin with, social environment has heavily impacted the life Michael has created for himself. Since, OCD and the use of drugs are common in his family,

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