The New Constitution And The Constitution

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The new constitution formulated comprised of seven articles that explain how a government should work in order to provide its citizens with the basic rights. This new system divided the power between the federal government and the states. Furthermore, the American Revolution is extremely important as the constitution that was later formulated still serves the basis of the American constitution. Even though several amendments have been made to the constitution, the revolutionary principles upon which the Constitution was made are still influencing the society of the United States. The language and the sentiments involved in the Declaration of Independence delineate complete devotion to human equality which still serves as the basis of our …show more content…

During the revolution, several African-American slaves served in the revolutionary war from both sides of the war. Moreover, this revolutionary war of independence helped the slaves in getting their independence as well. This is when several thousands of the slaves attained the status of independence by running away. As a result of the revolution, the slaves started to fight against the slavery after getting the encouragement from the natural right philosophy of the seventeenth-century English philosopher John Locke (Digital History), which is also a part of the constitution of the United States of America. This natural right philosophy is nothing else but the right to life and liberty that the constitution of the United States guarantees to provide its citizens. In addition to this fight of the African-American against the slavery, the slaves began to appeal the Congress in order to destruct the slavery. Furthermore, under the new constitution, the slaves were considered as “3/5 as productive as a free person” (Cardoza and Hume 116). Thus, after the revolution, the slaves were also given representation while earlier the slaves were not considered to have any kind of rights since they were not considered the citizens. Moreover, it was this revolutionary war, after which the abolitionist movements initiated to abolish the slavery and thus, the awareness about slavery increased. Also, a lot of

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