The New England Area And The Chesapeake Area

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The English were early settlers in America. Two of their areas of settlement were the New England area and the Chesapeake area. Even though these two places were settled by the same country, both of their societies were very different. The main reasons for their differences were their motives for colonization, slavery, and religion. The main motive of New England was to serve God, and to be a “City upon a hill” as said by John Winthrop in the Mayflower Compact, document A, “We must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. They eyes of all people are upon us.” Document D also states that they want to share equal planting ground, and that everyone in the colony will have a home. Document B shows that the colony was structured more towards family life. Quotes like “We intend by God’s grace… to produce some Godly and faithful minister with whom we purpose to join in church covenant to walk in all the ways of Christ,” tell you exactly why they are colonizing. Document E says that they intend to not be selfish, but to put others first to that they can avoid the sin of oppression. New England in general was very religious, and they, because of that, tended to be more friendly to each other and also to the Indians than those living in Chesapeake did. The main motive of the Chesapeake area was to make money and to own land in the new world. This is shown by how their colonies starved to death in the beginning. When they arrived in America they thought that there would be
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