The New Industrial Era

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In the United States, the New Industrial Era took place in the early to mid 1900s, and made the United States the main producer for steel and kerosene at the time. The New Industrial Era provided many jobs for middle and low class workers in America. Sweatshops were often formed to produce items when there was a high demand. Kids, teenagers, and adults were hired and force to work in unsafe working conditions for long hours and for low pay. While many view the New Industrial Era as pain because of violence and workplace hazards, it was more progress because of advancement in production methods, and growth of the U.S. government, and economy. Many view the New Industrial Era as pain for the U.S. because of poor,unsafe working conditions, and monopolies. In factories, there were very unsafe working conditions that often resulted in serious injury, or death. One example of this was the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire. Owners of this sweatshop and managers had bribed fire and safety inspectors, which resulted in really bad workplace conditions. When a fire started, mandatory precautions were not taken into consideration, and 96 workers died from the fire and smoke. The building was multiple stories tall, and around 50 workers jumped out of windows, and plunged to their deaths, resulting in the worst fire in the city’s history (o.i.). There were other examples of unsafe working conditions in coal mines, and coal breakers as well. Many young boys would sit for hours in an
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