The New Negro And The Negro Movement In 1919

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I often wonder what the year 1919 would have looked like had whites not felt so threatened by black advancement and progress. Although there are many underlying causes of race riots, black prosperity is one of the sparks that ignited the flame of hatred and cold -blooded murder against blacks in 1919. During post reconstruction America, Blacks tried to prosper and recreate themselves, despite extreme disenfranchisement. The New Negro that emerged in the 1910s, was not completely subservient like his ancestors. The New Negro believed he was equal to whites and desired his rights as an American, and moved anywhere he could to achieve the negro version of the “American dream”. The new negro wanted adequate housing that could raise a family safely and not trap them to the problems of the ghetto. The New Negro wanted representation in government. The new Negro believed they found a way out of poverty through employment in industrial cities like Chicago, other than sharecropping which was almost identical to slavery. Whites wouldn’t make it easy. In their eyes, black achievement was a synonym for white failure. How dare we allow blacks to take our jobs, allow them to live in our neighborhoods, and have a say in our government? In my paper, I plan to explore these 3 beliefs that would hinder the negro man and eventually cause riots and violence in the 1910s. The New Negro had no place in 1919, and ultimately the forthcoming of a new black consciousness would be too radical for the

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