B. Dubois And Booker T. Washington Essay

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W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington The end of the Civil War was followed almost immediately by a new wave that would see the African Americans face great suffering and discrimination. As newly freed slaves, African Americans were presented with a dilemma to either curve a new niche in a society that once viewed and treated them as mere properties than humans. It was during these difficult times that two key figures in the African American History rose as paramount leaders of two sharply contrasting philosophical camps. The Massachusettian William Edward Burghardt and the Virginian Booker T. Washington, both held two completely contrasting proposals about the best approach for African American to overcome and thrive in the mist of their suffering and racial discrimination. Although their approaches greatly differed, both of these noble men shared a common goal in uplifting the black community in history. The aim of this paper is to argue in the contrasting philosophies of these two key figures in the history of African America. Booker T. Washington was born in around 1950s in Franklin County of Virginia and spent the better part of his childhood as a slave. Following the emancipation, majority of the black community including Washington ware convinced that obtaining a formalized education was the best approach to improve their lifestyles and social class. The Blacks had a fairly limited opportunity to access education due to the prevalence of social segregation.
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