Essay about The New Neverland: Fairy Tale Land

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Fairy Tale Land
After I have interrupted the royal wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming, Snow is furious. Charming suggests that they ignore me and go on a honeymoon. At first Snow does not believe it is the right time but then has a change of heart and agrees. She suggests they honeymoon at the Summer Palace which is where her parents had gone. As soon as Charming leaves her Grumpy comes to her and tells her the palace is now secure. He asks if she really believes it is a good time to leave. Snow tells Grumpy there is something at the Summer Palace that will help her.
Snow and Charming arrive. He immediately tries to seduce his new wife but she puts him off telling him she has special plans for the night. He leaves her alone …show more content…

Belle and Ariel find Prince Eric. He is at work and looks very sad. Once he sees Ariel his sadness is lifted. Belle watches them kiss and feels a sense of sadness for herself. Belle brightens as she sees the pirate ship return.
Everyone cheers as we step off Hook’s ship. Granny hugs Henry. Mary is happy to find Ariel there with Eric. Belle is finally reunited with Mr. Gold. Felix reluctantly gets off the ship. Neal brings his father his walking stick who says he does not need it for now. Wendy is reunited with her brothers. I quietly stand off to the side alone. Mary then points everyone’s attention to me and tells them they could not have done this without me.
We are still unaware that Peter Pan has taken over Henry’s body. To gain our trust Pan tells us Felix should be punished. We go to Mr. Gold’s shop. He seals Pandora’s Box in the floor and tells us he will be the only one who can get it out. We reassure the boy we think is Henry that he is safe.
Once alone Belle asks Gold what is next. He tells her they will have a future together. They kiss.
At the Diner Emma gives Pan the book of Fairy Tales. Emma is taken aback when the boy looks at the book as though he has never seen it before. Pan then smiles and begins flipping through the pages. Hook watches them. Neal sits down next to him. Hook tells Neal he will back off from Emma although he does not believe it

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