The New Rochelle Farmer 's Market Essay

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The New Rochelle Farmer’s Market is a weekly Saturday farmer’s market. It features dozens of traditional farmers’ market food vendors offering produce as well as prepared and specialty foods, meats, fish, breads and much more. It’s brought by to New Rochelle so the hungry and the harried can shop different of products and enjoy their time. The Farmer’s Market also offers networking opportunities for community groups, free music, children’s entertainment, educational cooking, gardening seminars and demonstrations. This market is available from the beginning of June to October at 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sadly, without enough customers it will be difficult to maintain the market and recruit vendors or accomplish any of their goals they will need. They will need to look for alternative ways to boost attendance at the market from several target market segments. In order to increase the attendance at the Grand Market, digital marketing, social media, video tactics, alternative marketing, and database marketing will play huge parts to help accomplish this.
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