The New World

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After settlement of “The New World” by the English in the early 17th century, there was a surge of Englishmen hoping to strike rich, escape the religious government of England, or start a new life with their family. Specific reasons for leaving England had its respective colonies to travel to. For this reason, the northern New England colonies and the southern colonies like Virginia and Maryland in the Chesapeake bay area started to establish ways of life that began to develop very different lifestyles. The reasoning behind the foundation of each colony is what created such a substantial amount of difference between two areas of English settlement.
Following the defeat of the Spanish armada, England finally had the power to venture out to the Americas after hearing about a century’s worth of Spanish success in that region themselves. Single Englishmen in search of wealth began to sail to America, and did not find the gold they were searching for. It was not until the success from the crop tobacco, did anyone in Virginia prosper. This set the stage for a huge colony with an economy relying on large plantations of this new staple crop. The many who sought out the Massachusetts bay colony in New England were likely not going to strike rich on a plantation, but to either escape the English Church, or to start a new life for their family. The Massachusetts bay colony was founded by Puritans who wanted to fix, or purify, the English church and for this reason, were also very

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