A Trip At The New World

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Japes traveled for almost three days before he arrived in the new world, a relaxing trip as the meandering trail passed many beautiful country estates a far cry from the bustling metropolis and quite unexpected. When he finally arrived at the new hotel, he was surprised by the quaint elegance. This would be the first time he worked at a Hilltop Hotel a chain known for its unparalleled commitment to customer service. He was welcomed to the hotel by a nice young bellman, his new boss, however, was on vacation, just the same he was determined to evaluate the lay of the land on his own. Although Japes served in hotels for a number of years he had never been an “executive”. In fact, he was unsure as to what that even meant, but would soon find…show more content…
The lobby and front entrance were quite beautiful and truly fit into the town, the back of the house, however, was in terrible disrepair. The cafeteria was all dark grey concrete with a small salad bar set to the side. It looked like a prison cell. The laundry area and housekeeping department were also all in concrete. The building was much older than he had thought, although it looked almost new on the outside. Japes entire focus changed from the hotel to the servers managing the hotel. He had been enamored with the excitement in the activities of the guests and the servers with whom he worked. Now, he was more curious about the managers he oversaw than the servers who interacted with the guests. It was a tremendous change in perspective. Japes wanted to have fun as he enjoyed in his previous jobs, but he also wanted to be a leader. His next introduction was to Bobbin. Bobbin was the reservation manager who worked at the hotel for many years. She was a happy server and possibly a bit of a racer at heart. She was quite active within the hotel and a true friend to Japes. Bobbin lived in the town her entire life and knew everybody in the community. This relationship gave him great insight not only into the hotel world, but also in the community. The last server that he met that day was the front office manager Nod. Japes couldn 't describe the type of server that Nod was. At first sight he appeared to be a worker. He was
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