The Next Chapter of Peter Pan, My Darling Pan Essay

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We flew throughout the night and only rested on a cloud to gaze at the beautiful sunrise. It was only until we shot through the atmosphere and were then in space that I realised how far Peter’s home was from mine. Peter shot me a mischievous smile and when he turned around to look where he was going again we started travelling at the speed of light. We looked like shooting stars as fairydust fell off of us as we raced through the stars. Once we started to slow down I noticed a small orange planet glowing in the distance. Surrounding it was a ring of gold dust of what I can only suspect to be fairydust. This must be Neverland. I have never seen such a beautiful thing in all my life. Now most of what I told James Barrie about Pirates and …show more content…

Well the night before my birthday Peter took me down to the small ravine where we used to throw rocks and see whose would reach to bottom first. He took my hands in his; our callouses rubbing against each other and then Peter began to speak.

“ Wendy, now that are to come of age tomorrow, I shall like to announce my feelings towards you. I have known you since you were not yet even thirteen. A young girl who sewed a shadow back on to a boy who creeped into your house in the middle of the night. I know I have not always been the kindest of people. I have used you as a target when my anger boils up to the point where I cannot contain it. You just stood there and took it. When Tigerlily was close to death from a crocodile bite you held me in your arms as I cried. I love you Wendy Moira Angela Darling and I always have. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I know that one life in Neverland is forever in another. Marry me Wendy and we shall live the most spectacular life filled with pirates and Indians where no one has to tell us that we are too young or naive. Marry me Wendy and we shall rule Neverland together!” All I can do not to scream with joy is to look into those coffee coloured eyes that are bursting with light as Peter gets more excited with every word he speaks. He truly is a wondrous being, Peter, you can tell everything he is

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