The Nielson Television Scandal

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Case: Programs Selecting the television programs to be analyzed proved more difficult than anticipated. The Nielson Television ratings were not helpful given that only the top 10 prime-time programs are available; many were either sporting events or reality television. For this project scripted television programs were necessary; however, the website “TV by the numbers” was found to list the top 25 broadcast shows. The most recent information available was that of the week for October 12-18, 2015 (Appendix B), from this list the following programs were selected: Empire, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Empire, tells the story of an African-American family; the family just happens to be the founders of Empire Entertainment, an entertainment …show more content…

At the start of the program the President was married to another woman and Olivia was the President’s lover; already, we see pictures of the Jezebel archetype. However, by this episode the relationship between the two has been somewhat legitimized; that is Olivia and the President’s relationship has been made public. Nevertheless, the manner in which the relationship began is a reminder of the Jezebel archetype; but by the end of the episode even this is called into question. Pope’s character is a lot more sympathetic; in the episode titled, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” viewers are given a glimpse as to the unhappy state of her situation. Additionally, when Olivia steps up to help the former first lady and formal rival for he President’s affection as she fights for Planned Parenthood funding she becomes even more likable. This is in stark contrast to the characters being portrayed in Empire. Finally, in by the end of the episode Olivia has walked away from the comforts of the White House leaving he President and thus walking away from any suggestion that she was some type of gold-digging Jezebel. In this way Pope seems to stand in stark contrast to what I had been expecting a typical depiction of a Black woman on television; she seems to be a complex and likeable character not really much like those archetypes previously …show more content…

The first murder involves a student at the University Annalise teaches in; the student also happened to be in a relationship with Annalise’s husband Sam. The second murder involves Annalise’s husband Sam. In this episode titled, “What Did We Do?” Like Pope’s character on Scandal Annalise is difficult to categories into any of the archetypes; although Annalise does not come across as a likeable character, the way Pope does. Annalise is selfish, cold-hearted, manipulative, and calculating. She seems to be only out for herself and doesn’t’ seem to care about anyone else, yet all the characters that surround her seem to be at her beckon call. She manipulates and orders the others to help her cover-up the murder of a prosecutor; much like she had previously done with her husband’s murder. In some ways one may argue that Annalise’s character fits into the angry Black woman paradigm; after all she is domineering, manipulative, controlling, and angry at everyone and nobody at the same time. She seems frustrated and angry at the world for the situations in which she finds herself, even though these situations seem to be her own doing. She was involved with the cover up of several murders and by the end of the episode, with the flashback, you get the feeling that this is something that has been

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