The Night - Original Writing

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It had snowed non-stop all through the day and well into the night. By the time the storm had passed on, it left behind some extremely excited children, some rather annoyed adults who would have to deal with the accumulated snow and a Camelot that looked like it had been painted by Ice Fairies. The once-bare trees were covered with a blanket of white and the peaks and valleys of the Castle roof glittered in the bright sunlight. The large inner courtyard was now a smooth blanket of white, save for the occasional bump where a statue or other decoration was hidden by the enveloping snow. Even the gargoyles on the edge of the roofline seemed to be smiling down on the scene. Merlin and Arthur appeared at the top of the stairs and stopped for a moment to take in the view. It was quiet and calm; for once there were no people bustling across the flagstones, there were no horses waiting patiently for their riders. Even the dogs that could usually be found wandering around the area had taken themselves off to warmer quarters. The two men were heading towards the training ground, for Arthur was determined to get in some practice and nothing Merlin told him would sway him from his decision. "I 'm telling you, Arthur," said Merlin as he turned his gaze back to his companion, "there 's too much snow. There is no way you are going to be able to train outdoors today, not without risking a broken ankle or worse!" "Merlin," said Arthur in a rather aggrieved tone, "I think I should be the

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