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I sit in the creaky chair in my dad’s office, rocking back and forth against the black leather as I stare blankly at the computer screen. The house is vacant save for my mother and I, and there is an aura of stillness and the air feels stifling. The TV is off and the house does not possess its usual feeling of liveliness. The only noise which invades the silence is my mother in the kitchen, singing softly along to the radio. It was the Saturday of labor day weekend and was filled with naps and Star Wars movie marathons. The house is dark, except of the light of the office and two lamps positioned in the living room. By this time, around 7 or 8 at night, my family had left the house for their own reasons, leaving only my mom and I to an …show more content…

In her hand is a cell phone illuminating the car but diverting the driver 's focus. On both sides of the billowing clouds of dust are fields with the remains of corn stalks which blow onto and litter the roads. The seatbelt light glows on the dashboard but the drive is so short the driver doesn 't pay it attention. She looks down for a moment, with a text that says, “almost there.” That split second of thoughtlessness caused the car to lose control on the shucks of dried corn and loose gravel; it hits the ditch and the driver is shot through the windshield on to the hard ground; the car rolls over her body and she lays in the barren field until she dies. The phone call rings twice and I hear my mom’s voice say hello. I don 't think anything of the call and carry on playing farmville. I am interrupted with screaming from the other room. I jump out of the chair, pushing it to the ground and rush to see my mom located on the wooden floor wailing, her voice penetrating my ears. She keeps repeating the words “no, no, no” in a fit of tears and screams. I am paralyzed at her behavior and don 't know what to do.
She notices me with her bloodshot eyes standing with my arms at my sides, frozen, and says in a strained voice and between sobs. “Lindsey is dead; there was a wreck and she died.”
I am overcome with emotion; fear from my mom’s behavior, despair for the loss of my cousin, guilt for not having the same reaction as my mother, and most of all disbelief of the whole thing.

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