The Nintendo Entertainment System

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Which is Best?

Theres different types of motion used in many gaming systems. You can be

standing, sitting down, using controllers, or not using any controllers at all. There are at

least many different types of movement motions involved in both types of electronics

made by different companies. The Kinect may have more free motion, but the Wii seems

more enjoyable for families to use and have fun.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced in 1985 which became an

instant hit, selling over sixty million units. In 2006, Nintendo introduced the Wii and

with it contained more advanced, revolutionary features. The Wii contained wireless

motion-sensitive remote controllers, built in Wi-Fi capability (Nintendo), and a lot of

other features that made it the best selling in the world. As for the Kinect; introduced by

the company of Xbox 360 in 2010. With Kinect for the Xbox, you can command and

control the Kinect with the use of your voice and gestures, and play games where you are

the controller (Xbox).

In theses ads, both companies are trying to target families with the use of ethos, pathos,

and logos. The companies try to sell their product by using other families in the ad to catch the

eyes of others on why they should by the Kinect or the Wii. In the Kinect Ad, it shows the

emotion, also known as pathos, of the two girls on the couch, smiling but their not even playing,

and the two guys that are playing are not

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