ASPCA ASPCA Uses Aristotle's Power of Persuasion Essay

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ASPCA and the Power of Persuasion Advertisers all have one goal in common, that is an ad that is catching to a consumer’s attention. In today’s fast paced society there are so many selling products and charities. As I exam the advertisement for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (ASPCA), I will show how they use the pathos, ethos, and logos – also known as Aristotle’s Theory of Persuasion. Pathos is an emotional appeal in which the advertisers hope that the consumers will allow their claim. Say for instance most people will notice a puppy behind what looks like to be a rusty cage. Seeing a cage like that, makes some wonder how bad the conditions are that the puppy is living in. then there is the puppy who …show more content…

They have even partnered up with Subaru who donates two hundred –fifty dollars every time you buy or lease one of their vehicles, and the ASPCA health insurance to protect your pets. Not only do they have ads to help prevent cruelty, but they are also a hands on charity. The final step in an advertisement is the logos, this is when the advertisers are able to show the logical appeal to their company. This means that they know most people will do some research to see how they stand out from others. The ASPCA is a charity that wants prevention of animal cruelty and meaningless accidents to the animals, to do this they have several links that from animal poison control, pet planning, dog and cat care, so pets can be properly cared for. They even advertise for pet insurance, which they feel is a logical idea for pet owners, because they believe if pets have insurance they will have better care, and when they have better care they will not be neglected. Advertisers know that in order to stand out they have to be visibly eye catching. The ASPCA knows this and use it to their full advantage. The ASPCA gets the majority of their money through donations and sponsors. ASPCA also knows that they are not the only charity out there trying to save animals. In order to be relevant they know they have to use Aristotle’s Theory of Persuasion to appeal not

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