The Nonconformity Of Albert Einstein

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Have you ever heard of nonconformity? I got a better question. Have you ever heard of Albert Einstein? Well, Albert Einstein was a nonconformist born on March 13, 1879, he was born in the south of Germany in the city of Ulm. His family was middle class. Albert Einstein and his family were Jewish. Albert Einstein was known for making theories and how smart he was. He represents nonconformity by the way he acted and by the way he dressed the way he had his hair and how he had little interest in money. A nonconformist is a person who stands out in society.
Albert Einstein showed he was a nonconformist by the way he acted and how he treated other people. Albert Einstein was super rude to his peers and did not show a lot of respect to anyone. He often disagreed with what other people said. Albert Einstein once actually got into a really bad argument with one of his peers when talking about science. This lead to him getting sent out of the science fair. Ever since Albert Einstein was little he would have an interest in science and math. He lacked in the amount of respect he had towards people he knew. Albert Einstein didn't care who you were he treated all the people the same no matter what. This is a quote by Albert Einstein “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the agreement with the way things were and how things were authorized.Albert Einstein also said the quote “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of

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