The Nonprofit Sector

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Through a poststructural lens, the minimal services being implemented by the nonprofit sector is a way to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the sector because it fails to address the root of the problem, meaning attacking the systems of knowledge that justifies the motive of nonprofits. Historically, the colonial legacies and the emergence of western democracy constructed a legal and socioeconomic structure which highlights the role of the non profit sphere as a form of repressive benevolence. Capitalism thrives off the control of wealth and social change, because of its ability to internalize the market as a mechanism to a solution. The nonprofit sector is a bureaucratic barrel which allows capitalism to replace the functions of the …show more content…

This allowed the organization to accumulate a social platform, as well as receive more funding from the federal government for staying within the lanes of government regulation. Nonetheless, the author fails to highlight voices from the community, which highlights the notion of repressive benevolence, whereas nonprofits believe they are providing solutions but instead perpetuate the problem. Antonio Gramsci would label this power dynamic a product of cultural hegemony, whereas elitist individuals construct common sense through their lived experiences and embodying the functions of liberalism by creating political narratives that replicate the power of the market. The strong influence of paternalism allows nonprofit organizations to become the dominant catalyst of social change, while erasing the works of community members because of all the resources being dominated by corporate non profits. A prime example is Lambda Legal, which was established in 1970 's as a way to provide visibility of gay rights in an era where queerness was being recognized as a choice instead of a biological imbalance. This organization is prominent in the gay world, and has various offices in main cities throughout the states. During my time there, I assisted with event planning and outreach. Despite my outreach being limited and extremely professional, I encountered various situations where I noticed the work being done there was not as essential as the tax

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