The North And South War

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April 1861 ~ April 1865, the United States between the North and South war. Also known as the American Civil War. North led the war of the bourgeoisie. In the South, insist that the war is only plantation slave-owners, their war aim is to extend slavery throughout the country, while the North beat the South aimed at the bourgeoisie in order to restore national unity. Mid-19th century, the northern and southern free labor system of slavery, the contradictions between the developed to the point of irreconcilable, the Southern slave system into the United States the main obstacle to socio-economic development, the struggle between North and South competition for land in the west was most intense in the performance of. First half of the…show more content…
In the same year, Southern slave-owners attempted to force the expansion of slavery into Kansas, then broke out in western Kansas farmers and immigrants from the free state of the armed struggle against the Southern slave-owners, the struggle continued until 1856, opened a prelude to civil war . 1857 slaveholder and attempt to extend slavery into the United States all its territory up. John Brown leading the uprising. In 1860, the first phase of Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States Democratic Party suffered a disastrous defeat, which became the Southern slave-owners from the federal and rebellion signals. Southern slave state of South Carolina the first state to secession, followed by Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, states are gaining from the succession, and in February 1861 announced the establishment of "Southern League", separate to Jefferson Davis is the president 's government. April 12, 1861 rebel troops began shelling the South Carolina federal forts Sumter, 14, were overrun. Abraham Lincoln on April 15 the government issued punitive orders, civil war broke out. Soon, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas four southern states seceded from the union to participate in the League. Beginning of the war in northern strength has been greatly exceeded the South, the North has 22.34 million population of the South is only 9.1 million, and of which more than 380 million were
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