The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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The formation of NATO impacted the world because of it’s influence into our political lives today and the political lives of people during the Cold War. This new alliance, called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was one of the most needed alliances in history. In addition, NATO has also made many large political decisions, even forcing the Cold War into its most tense stage. Finally, NATO has made many large influences into our governments today, keeping each other’s countries up-to-date on such welfare projects, military experiments, or just needing help for a new construction if need be. It keeps the countries in the alliance increasingly involved into each other’s projects and will supply aid to each other when asked for. Why NATO …show more content…

Only then did they form the Warsaw Pact and try to outcompete its adversaries. NATO also had a vital role in how the Soviet Union reacted to the United States. If NATO made a “bold” statement that would somehow benefit it’s own people, the Soviet Union would do the same, but with more vigor and a bolder statement. Then NATO would do the same thing and vice versa it happens again. This made the Soviets angry at NATO and how it made the Soviets seem weak again against another superpower. The Soviets don’t like NATO as well and also wanted to make the countries that founded it pay for the “Crimes” against the Soviets. So in response to the creation of NATO, the Soviets made the Warsaw Pact, which is basically NATO except the Soviets used the Warsaw Pact as a tool instead of treating it as an actual treaty organization. With the Warsaw Pact, the Americans and the other members of NATO have made open accusations to the Warsaw Pact and the members of it.
In addition, the Cold War was massively impacted because of NATO. In fact, NATO was one of the reasons that the Cold War has started, because the Soviet Union wouldn’t remove their troops from Europe, and France, the USA, and the UK allied with 8 other countries to make the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, aka NATO. In retaliation, the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact, which in turn, made the US start stockpiling nuclear arms in case of a war, and that made the Soviets do

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