The Northeast Blackout ( Of 1960 ' S

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The Northeast Blackout (of 1960’s)

In the history of the world, there have come many such kinds of incidents that have changed the whole map of the history. In about every nation, there have occurred a lot of surprising events which distinguish that nation from the other one. So history of the world is so much rich when we take a close look at it.
Like the other countries, the history of United States is filled up with many unrealistic events that when occurred, had surprised the whole world. United States is a very large nation that contains many other sub-nations. In these all sub-nations, there is a very organized system for every aspect of life of people.
When we take a very deep eye on the history of this nation then we come to know many surprising events and incidents that have wonder the people of United States as well as the rest part of the world. There are many incidents that have to face this nation but the incident of the great northeast blackout is very serious incidents that awake a person of history when he/she takes a close look at this incident. Let us take a little review on this incident.
In the history of the world, on November 9, 1965, the largest blackout occurred. In the area of the northeast of the United States, the whole power system ended up in just 4 seconds after some kind of initial disturbance. The effect of this incident is noticeable. About 30 million people had to face the condition of darkness for about 13 hours. This was a very serious…

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