The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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The novel 1984 by George Orwell exemplifies the issues of a government with overwhelming control of the people. Throughout the text there are realistic qualities that exemplify an extreme regulatory government and its effects. This government controls the reality of all of their citizens by rewriting the past, instilling fear, hindering their freedom, and through manipulation. This society is overwhelmingly consumed with the constructed reality that was taught to them by Big Brother. The author George Orwell brings significant aspects to the novel like the complexity of relationships during a rebellion and The Party’s obsession with power. The main character Winston struggles throughout the story trying to stay human through literature, self-expression, and his individuality. The party uses human’s tendencies and weaknesses in order to dehumanize their citizens to gain control over them.
Furthermore, the relationship between Julie and Winston show how the tendencies of human habit can create a way to fuel obscured emotions. Julie and Winston have seemingly never talked, but begin to have an affair. This relationship is completely rebelling against the government and their laws. They both acquire a thrill from rebelling against the government that they both loathe. Julie claims that she is in love with Winston when handing him a secret note that says “I love you”. They begin to engage in a relationship that is for the minor amount of freedom they are receiving not because

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