The Novel ' Love And Hate On The New World '

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Struggling with the Birth of a New Nation Americans are very curious about their history and how the United States was first formed. Although the Americans currently lack basic knowledge about what had happened in their past, they still have evidence about what may had happened to cause the things that are here today. Simple items such as books, tablets, oral stories, artworks, and genes could be evidence on what had happened in the past. David A. Price’s novel Love and Hate in Jamestown introduces greatly about the first successful colony that was established in North America. This novel presents about the first English settlement in the new world, Jamestown, and the events that took place in this new area. Adapting to a new area could be a difficult task to do, but overtime people would learn how to adapt to their new environment. The novel Love and Hate in Jamestown, by David A. Price, is about British sailing to the new world to seek gold, but instead they found land in the new world. Now they’ll have to face hardship and learn to adapt to this new area they have claimed. This new territory would be lead by an unpopular but an enterprising leader, Captain John Smith. The author’s purpose in this novel is to present to readers the love and happiness of the settlers, struggles and fear of survival, and the major theme in the novel. To introduce the readers this novel, I would like to start off explaining the love and happiness of the settlers when they had arrived in

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