The Nuclear Attack On Nagasaki

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The aim of this historical investigation is explore to what extent, the 1945 nuclear attack on Nagasaki was necessary in ending the Asia - Pacific War; to do this, the military grounds of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki will be examined. In order to analyse this, it is vital to highlight President Truman 's official military reasons for using the atomic bomb, why detonating the bomb was preferred to invasion, and why Nagasaki was chosen as a target so soon after the first atomic bomb. With reference to opposing views, it 's vital to understand Japan’s perceived ability in warfare, its policies before and after the nuclear attacks and whether or not the bomb considerably affected their surrender. (Stimison. H. 1947) In addition, alternate …show more content…

Subsequent to Germany 's surrender in the May of 1945, the weapon came into consideration for ending the Pacific War against Japan. Japan already perceived itself as a defeated nation; early 1945, the U.S. naval blockade had weakened Japan’s trade, food supply and ability to continue fighting. Between July 11-26, the U.S. intercepted Japanese telegraphs expressing a hope to "terminate the war" with Russia serving to negotiate peace. However, the Potsdam Proclamation issued on July 26, called for the unconditional surrender of Japan with the removal of the emperor. This was rejected as a result of Japan being unwilling to acquiesce its sovereignty, after adopting the policy of fighting within the hope of discouraging the U.S. from invasion till peace was declared. As a result, the U.S. anticipated victory would come at a costly price, and did not want to commit itself to a lengthy war. Truman estimated a potential loss of 500,000 lives; he saw the bombs will "completely destroy Japan 's power to create war...” (Harry S. Truman, 1945) The Hiroshima attack on August 6th failed to be decisive: Japan did not surrender, nor did it seemed pressured by the nuclear attack, according to the U.S. (Harry S. Truman, 1945) Nagasaki was considered vital, because it was a major harbour, a densely populated area and residential to a lucrative trade industry, namely, Mitsubishi manufacturing company’s; increasing the bomb 's harmful

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