The Nuclear Attack On Nagasaki

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The aim of this historical investigation is explore to what extent, the 1945 nuclear attack on Nagasaki was necessary in ending the Asia - Pacific War; to do this, the military grounds of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki will be examined. In order to analyse this, it is vital to highlight President Truman 's official military reasons for using the atomic bomb, why detonating the bomb was preferred to invasion, and why Nagasaki was chosen as a target so soon after the first atomic bomb. With reference to opposing views, it 's vital to understand Japan’s perceived ability in warfare, its policies before and after the nuclear attacks and whether or not the bomb considerably affected their surrender. (Stimison. H. 1947)
In addition, alternate reasons for accepting defeat will be mentioned to evaluate whether the Nagasaki bomb facilitated defeat and was therefore, a necessity; the ethical implications of the attack aren 't the main focus of this essay. I was fascinated in this subject of investigation as from a young age, I’ve been schooled in quite a Eurocentric historical perspective of World War 1; Nagasaki has always been described to my peers and I as the ‘bomb that ended the war’ and was utterly unaware of the differing historiography on Japan and it’s defeat in the Pacific War. This gives me an opportunity to examine the issue more broadly and educate myself on differing worldviews.

B. Summary of Evidence:
The development of the atomic bomb began in 1942, under U.S.…
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