The Number Of Medications Taken On A Daily Basis

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When we hear the word polypharmacy, we think about the number of medications taken on a daily basis. Reading through researched journals, there is really “no consensus regarding the number of medications as to how polypharmacy begins” (Fried et al., 2014, p. 2261). According to Maher, Hanlon, and Hajjar (2014) reported, “polypharmacy is the use of more medications than are medically necessary” and “ medications that are not indicated, not effective, or constitute a therapeutic duplication would be considered polypharmacy” (p. 1-2). With this in mind, most of our patients who are elderly or even younger adults have more than one existing chronic condition and interlinked with several other co-morbidities requiring them numerous medications to treat each conditions. Unfortunately, polypharmacy creates unfavorable consequences to those taking more than one prescription drug especially individuals who are elderly as the prevalence increases with age. Those that have been prescribed with greater than one pill typically experienced adverse drug reactions [ADR] and drug-to-drug interactions. Accordingly, it was noted the repercussion of taking countless drug medications could result to multiple outpatient/ urgent care visits or hospitalization. A systematic review by Hamid, Ghaleb, Aljadhey, and Aslanpour (2013) identified “old age and polypharmacy” as risk factors to hospital admission caused by ADR’s and /or adverse drug events. It was attributed to people who are elderly and

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