The Nurse 's Role As Educator And A Review Of Learning Theories

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The Nurse’s Role as Educator and a Review of Learning Theories
Nurses are critical to the success of patient education in the health care setting. The amount of time that nurses spend at the bedside, positions them to help families cope with illness, prevent disease, promote health, and learn the self-care skills for discharge planning. In this paper, I will summarize some of the topics from Susan Bastable’s textbook, Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice. The reading assignment for this week includes the chapter on the history of patient education in health care, the benefits of patient teaching, the barriers to teaching, and the obstacles to learning. Additional topics from chapter three include …show more content…

When involving the patient and family in these steps, education care plans are more likely to be effective, and the patient is more likely to reach their health potential. Some of the benefits of effective teaching include increased patient satisfaction, improved quality of life, increased continuity of care, less patient anxiety, increased adherence to interventions, and optimizing independence after discharge. Patients who are better informed find new ways to cope with the stress of illness and are more satisfied with their care. To engage patients in their treatment plan, they must have a dynamic relationship with the provider based on respect. They should also take part in decision-making, accept their responsibilities, care for themselves to the extent that they can, accept support when needed, and feel respected by the health care team. Nurses must commit to providing patient-centered care, collaborating with other team members, using evidence-based practice, measuring patient outcomes, ensuring patient safety, and using informatics to develop care.
Adult learning depends on the interaction between the teacher and the learner. It is the teacher’s responsibility to decrease the barriers to learning and to enhance the learning process. The hospital or clinic setting presents significant obstacles that nurses should reduce when planning teaching. Lack of time for teaching activities, feeling

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