The Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity Essay

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Obesity is becoming an outrageous and alarming health issue in today’s society. Children are rapidly getting engulfed by this pandemic every day. According to the book Public Health 101: Health People-Healthy Populations, pandemic can be defined as, “An epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and affecting a large number of people” (Riegelman, Kirkwood, 2015). The World Health Organization estimates that 43 million children worldwide are overweight or obese, with the United States leading the numbers (WHO, 2016). About one in three children and teenagers in America are obese. Obesity can lead to a variety of other serious health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, and other health risks. Finding effective interventions and programs to reverse obesity rates is essential. Obesity is one hundred percent preventable and treatable.

Intervention Strategy 1: Obesity Prevention Programs

Childhood obesity is continuing to grow at a rapid and dangerous pace. It is vital for the population to be educated on practicing a healthy life style to prevent obesity. A study done by C. Nathan Marti, Eric Stice, and Heather Shaw (2006) evaluates the effectiveness of childhood prevention programs in a variety of different settings. The study was funded by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the National Institutes of Health. There have been a variety of childhood obesity

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