The Objectification Of Black Women

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The Objectification of Black Women
“No other group in America has so had their identity socialized out of existence as have Black women… when Black people are talked about the focus tends to be on Black men; and when women are talked about the focus tends to be on white women.” - Bell Hooks Imagine not being in total control of your own life, having someone else tell you what you can and cannot do. Being a prisoner and constantly being policed everyday and every second in a world that does not want to set you free and allow you to advance into your full potential. Black women have to live in world that does not see them or treat them as equals. They have to work ten times harder than anyone else, and then they only break the surface. It
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She was treated as a commodity to the society that she lived in. We can claim this based on the way Toomer introduces Karintha into the text. He does this by way of her sexuality; however, her sexuality is not one that she, herself has control over. Toomer opens the beginning paragraph with, “Men had always wanted her, this Karintha, even as a child” (64). Based on this, we can infer that Karintha is forced to contend with the sexual prowling of men at a very young age, causing her to be a victim. Toomer describes the negative consequences of the premature sexuality on such a young girl as “This interest of the male, who wishes to ripen a growing thing too soon, could mean no good to her”(64). Toomer wants to emphasise to the readers of how selfish the men in her society were; they only saw her as a sex object.
In the story, Toomer is portraying Karintha as a young girl, whose beauty and innocence along with her rural class standing, led her to become a main target for unwanted sexual attention and rumors on her sexual behavior from the local African American community. The rumors about her circled her society, thus jeopardizing her youth. This leads Karintha, a Black female along with her body to be silenced and objectified; this is not her story or her voice; this is simply how others have chosen to dehumanize her and see her for nothing more than a sexual means for their own
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