The Octogonal Structure Roared from Shakespeare's Performers

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This octogonal structure roared from Shakespeare’s performers. The actors and the audience throughout the performances had tears, laughter, and many left in complete awe. Every seat in this three story theatre was packed tightly with over 30,000 eyes watching. Flags rose, and trumpets started to play in the Globe while productions began. The Globe Theatre started an era of acting in the late 1500’s and changed the way we look at performing still to this day.
This theatre was jaw dropping as people entered this “salvaged wood” framed theatre. In 1599, the stage was ready for acts to begin. The name of the Globe Theatre was for people to know that the “whole round world” could be represented by every actor. William Shakespeare referred to the theatre as “ this wooden ‘O’ ” (Langly). In Elizabethan times, the ground along the bankside could flood by the Thames, so the Globe had to have solid foundations. After about 1600, as many as 15,000 people went to the city’s playhouse every week.
The Globe was designed and was a “hodgepodge” of architectural structures. This framework held the first performances. All actors were men. It did not matter whether the role was a woman or man. The theatre was also one of the only social sites that brought together different classes of people. Of this three story masterpiece there were special sections reserved for members of nobility.
The acting was a whole different situation. Woman were not allowed to act under the law, so men had to

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