The Odyssey Essay : The Role Of Women In Greek Society

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The Role of Women in Greek Society About fifty percent of the world’s population is female and yet females are treated as if they are less than men or that they are only useful for housework. They are treated as if they don't matter as much as men do. This is the way society has thought for a long time. This thinking goes back to the time of The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an epic poem about an hero who is trying to return home to his family, throughout the way many different women play a part in his journey. Written during a time when women were seen as only there to bear children and take care of them The Odyssey by Homer shows women as inferior to men through stereotypes of women such as evil temptresses, nurturing mothers, and loyal housewives. Evil temptresses are a common stereotype for women in Greek society. Temptresses are disloyal females who try to steer men away from their destination. One such female on Odysseus’ journey is Kirke. Odysseus and his men arrive on the beautiful island of Aeaea, home to the goddess Kirke. Kirke drugs the men and tempts them to stay, as they were men they “could not help consenting/so day by day [they] lingered...until a year grew fat”(X. 515-517). The goddess makes them forget about their journey and their destination. Women like Kirke aren’t the norm in ancient Greek society. They are the women that people look down on. Another group of temptresses who steer Odysseus and crew in the wrong direction are the sirens. Odysseus and his

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