The Odyssey : The Role Of Women In Ancient Greek Society

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During Homeric society and Mycenaean time there was a hierarchy within their society, men were seen as the Paterfamilias within their family, they were considered of a higher status, so they were able to enjoy more privileges. The odyssey is written from a men’s point of view so therefore the most likely readers would mainly be men as it focuses on Odysseus and how he took back his kingdom; was the paterfamilias and overpowered the women. Homer tells a story of the courage and pity of one man's life. There were leading roles of males within the odyssey due to the fact that in Homeric society women were looked down upon and their value was seen less than a man. The range of attention given to these women within the Odyssey was very minimal in comparison to the extensive amount of attention Atwood paid them. Homer portrayed Penelope as a flat character, that was seen less intelligent than Odysseus, who was portrayed as an intelligent, wise, dominant and heroic figure, who was able to get away with much more than Penelope. This was because women, within Ancient Greek times were below men on the hierarchy, due to the patriarchal society they were living in. Homer constructed these social expectations, from the expectations that existed during the Mycenaean time and from Homeric society; the time he constructed the epic poem. For example, when Odysseus was in the land of calypso, who was holding him captive, he was sleeping with her and being unfaithful to his wife Penelope, but

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